Ladder Climb

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The Ladder Climb game is a different and exciting game that appeals to people of all ages. It is a test of skill and co-ordination, as players have to balance their way to the fifth rung of the ladder and then remain stationery until the bell rings three times to claim their prize.
The ladders in the Ladder Climb are fair, as a staff member will demonstrate how to climb the ladder, if required. A staff member will hold the ladder steady for a player while they start off and get their balance. The staff member will then let go of the ladder at their discretion.
The game is totally safe to play as there are padded mats beneath each ladder, as well as padding on all poles and beams.
The bright colours, big prizes and friendly, helpful staff make this a fun game to watch as well as play.
5m x 3m
1 single phase
Suitability:     All ages
Power Requirements:     1 x 240 volt single phase