Noahs Ark Jumping Castle

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The kids just love the Noah's Ark Jumping Castle, the largest and most impressive inflatable recreation centre in Australia, standing 2 and a half stories high. Children climb and jump their way to the top for a giant slide back down as many times as they can for the duration of their time on Noah's Ark.

All children are provided with a mat on which they sit to slide down the slide to alleviate friction burns.
Onlookers can watch through the many doors and windows as the children enjoy themselves, working their way through the many obstacles and mazes within Noah's Ark.
Fully trained attendants operate throughout Noah's Ark while there are children at play, to assist them with any difficulties them may encounter.
Noah's Ark is fully fenced and barricaded at all times to ensure the safety of the children and spectators. Noah's Ark is checked thoroughly to make sure all children from the previous turn have vacated, and are safety with their parents, before the next lot of children are allowed on.
If you need an attraction at your event that generates the most fun and excitement for children, then the eye-catching Noah's Ark fits the bill perfectly.
Size (W x L):     24.3 x 15.2 metres
Suitability:     2 to 12 years of age
Power Requirements:     1 x 240 volt single phase outlet